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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Belichick's an Ass?

A bit abbreviated this week. I'm headed to NYC for a little vacation. Sadly, I won't return with a travelogue pictorial. On with the show.

NFL Week 10

1.) Another strange week for the NFL, with parity abounding with reckless abandon. The Jets upsetting New England may have been the most surprising one, especially with the Patriots at home, but it provided the best "I really never liked you and like you less for going to a divisional rival" moment of the year between Bill Belichick and Eric "Marshmellow" Mangini.

Does anyone else think Belichick is really an asshole? I guess the signs have been there all along. I'm ready for him to bust out in one of the post-game press conferences with "They are who we THOUGHT THEY WERE!!!" It's only a matter of time.

2.) The Titans will be a good team next year, and a decent team for the rest of this year. Mark it down. You heard it here first. Although the special teams are anything but special, the defense is stepping up and the offense seems to have more attitude.

3.) The Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers have as many wins as the Bengals (AFC North champ last year), the Vikings (Everyone's darling early this year), Carolina (Easy Superbowl pick this year), and the Rams (HUGE sleeper team in preseason). The Packers and the 49ers also have more wins than the Steelers (Superbowl champs), the Dolphins (Superbowl picks for this year by many), the Redskins (Supposed to be a contender this year), and the Bucs (No one thought they'd be this bad).

It's good to see old-school teams out of the cellar. Maybe we'll get the updated version of Favre vs. Young in a few years.

College Football

4.) Get ready for the onslaught of Michigan/Ohio State coverage for the next 6 days. I can't wait for this game to be over, and some undeserving SEC team to play in the National Championship game.

I think I'm going to apply for every available position in the NCAA, even if it's in the mailroom, and work my way up until I can have a say in postseason structure. I can't understand why there's not any type of playoff, even a 4 game playoff, to see who's actually the best team.

The matchups alone would change everything. You don't think West Virginia's running game has a chance against a Michigan defense that allowed 26 points from Ball State? You don't think a Louisville team that leads the nation in offense could carve up USC's secondary? Didn't think so.5.) Special teams suck in college. They're not great in the pros, but the South Carolina/Florida game was hideous. Florida barely lets their kicker on the field, and the Cocks' kicker can't get the ball in the air. Terrible.I did get a chance to say Cocks, though. Hee hee.



6.) Did you ever have one of those nights where you wake up around 2 am and can't get back to sleep? I fucking hate those nights. I just had one last night, where I kept tricking myself into thinking I was asleep. I tried to make up dreams, stayed in the same position for a long time, drooled a little... that kind of thing. Didn't work. I feel like shit today.

7.) I see the Peyton Manning ads are gaining new life these days. At last count, I tallied 842 commercials with some incarnation of Manning in 6 hours yesterday. Somebody should really write a letter. I don't even know what he's advertising, but I don't want it. It's having the reverse effect.


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